Emergency Plumbers

ATL Plumbers is a 24/7 service company to handle all emergency needs you may have. This includes broken lines, frozen pipes, clogged drains, water and gas leaks, or sewer issues.

Call: 1-84-GOT-A-LEAK

Drain Cleaning

Signs that you need drain cleaning or repair include slow moving or standing water in your sinks or tubs, difficulty flushing the toilet or it does not fill up at a normal rate, or fouls smells coming from the drains. Most owners use your typical store bought chemical to help clear clogged drains. Unfortunately, these chemicals can cause corrosion or create weak points in your piping over time. If you are experiencing consistent drain issues, or just have a clog that you cannot clear thoroughly, call ATL Plumbers to use a correct method to clear the lines. Having regularly scheduled drain cleanings will improve the overall health and longevity

Leak Detection and Repair

Leaks can go undetected for months, even years, because most times the piping is concealed within walls, in the slab, underground or below floors. If you notice any flooding, water stains or standing water, contact the professionals at ATL Plumbers. We will use state-of-the-art equipment to detect any leaks and diagnose the problem, saving you time, money and stress by limiting the damage that could occur if not addressed promptly.

Even a leaky faucet or toilet will waste 1000’s of gallons of water, which means your water bill is larger, wasting money and one of our best resources. Not to mention, the irritating drip you constantly hear reminding you of the present leak.

Sewer Line Repairs

A sewer line replacement or repair are two things no one wants to deal with or invest in. Sewer leaks can cause very harmful unsanitary conditions under and around your home when raw sewage is seeping into the ground or in your basement slab. This endangers you, children, animals and can even contaminate a fresh water supply if left unattended.  ATL Plumbers specializes in the repair or replacement of these systems and can effectively solve your problem with services designed to save you money.

Signs that indicate that you may have a problem include slow moving or standing water in your sinks or tubs, difficulty flushing the toilet or it does not fill up at a normal rate, fouls smells coming from the drains, or a gurgling or bubbling noise from the drain. If your pipes are experiencing any of these symptoms, do not wait to contact the professionals at ATL Plumbers to remove potentially dangerous waste to a treatment facility and immediately address the ruptured lines.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes can cause serious damage. You wake up, have no water flowing, and expect that throughout the day they will defrost on their own with the rising temperatures. This can be true, but unfortunately, pipes can burst, causing a lot of flooding throughout your house or underground. Call ATL Plumbers immediately to shut off water to minimize the destruction or prevent unstable soil conditions beneath your home.

Camera Line Inspections

Whether an issue is minor or significant, it is always best to leave the diagnostics to the true professionals at ATL Plumbers.  We will feed the pipe with a fiber optic cable and waterproof camera through your piping to assess the problem and determine an appropriate course of action. This state-of the-art equipment provides enough light to stream live to the video screen and records the findings.

Using a camera to inspect your piping can help determine whether there is major damage to the pipes themselves. This include problems such as separation at the seals, collapse, penetration of tree roots. Sometimes the lines are old and just get worn out from corrosion or compaction. Often we find severe blockages that build up over time, like bulky waste, grease build-up, or tree roots. The camera allows our technicians to know the exact location of these issues, increasing the efficiency of resolution, yet decreasing the costs to you.


There are instances when you want to repipe your existing system. Perhaps it’s old and already compromised, you have a renovation which involves new or relocated plumbing, or you have polybutelene pipes no longer allowed by building code. ATL Plumbers have years of experience and knowledge of plumbing codes and regulations to ensure your repiping is up to code and pass inspection.


For seriously clogged drains, a technique called hydrojetting is used. It uses water at a very high pressure to bust through the blockages within the pipes, and can be part of an overall solution. A regular jetting maintenance program can help maintain an appropriate flow in your pips and extend the life of your plumbing systems. This is not a technique you want to try by yourself with a hose or pressure washer. Years of experience give our technicians the knowledge of what pressure to use and when. Doing it yourself may result in the rupturing of your existing pipes causing more damage.

Gas Leak Detection and Repair

If you suspect a gas line leak, contact ATL Plumbers IMMEDIATELY. Signs of a gas leak include a rotten egg smell (this isn’t the gas, but an additive used to detect the gas) or hissing noises from the gas line because the natural gas or propane is escaping from the line. DO not attempt to shut of the gas or make repairs yourself, this is not a honey-do item.

Fixture Installation

If you need help replacing or installing new bath or shower faucets, in-wall valves, or even the tub itself, contact ATL Plumbers to take care of your non-emergency plumbing needs.